Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I've been doing/ my day/ Happy Birthday!/ List of bloggers.

Hey peoples!.
Whats up?, today was very nice. I got up at around 6:30, and went downstairs at 7:00, my mom was downstairs with my dog. And, we sat and watched the weather channel. I think it said it is supposed too snow from today too Sunday...not sure. And, Sunday is when I'm gonna have my SUPER speacial blog!. Good day too end snow!. LOL. Anyways, after that, I ate breakfist, and did school at around 12:30. I got done at 1:30. It was sooo long. And, I wish Winter Vacation was back!. Waaaah!. LOL.
After that, I recorded a video with my camera. The lighting was bad, so, when I watched it, I couldn't see myself!. The next time I record something, i'll do it downstairs or outside, were the lighting is better. I can't wait too put some videos on here and show you guys what I'm doing and stuff!. The next time we go someplace fun, like the mall, or something else, i'll take my camera and record it!. So, not only will I write about in my blog. I'll have a video!.
Maybe a few picures, aswell. :D. My dad will show me how too put them on my blog, I hope :D :D :D :D :D.
Then, I went on the computer real quick, and got off. And then, I ate dinner. LOL. So, today has been a little boring, but, hopefully tomorrow will be much better!.

And, what I've been doing for the brand new 2009!. Haha, i've been doing some pretty fun things with my camera, editing picures, listening too music, playing on the laptop, and alot of fun stuff. And, reading!!!. I most of all am reading my Bible right now, my Bible has turned out too be one of the best books I have got!!!. LOL. Its really fun...I'll read anything.
And, I've been singing up in my room. (I'll record myself doing it sometime, and put it on here, I'm not really a good singer, but, you guys might think I am :), heehee). But, I only do it in my room, because I am NOT good at singing around other people. Haha. My voice goes crazy if I do!. LOL.
I've been playing my key board aswell, I havent been outside in a while. I'll have too go outside tomorrow!.
And, i've been doing ALOT of things, so...:D. I guess, thats all for this part of the post!.
And, this is for my mom, and my grandma...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOU!!!. Its a little early too say that, because my mom's birthday is on the 11th, and I think my grandma's birthday is on the 13th...anyways, back too the birthday thing.
I love my mommy!!!. (OK, I don't even why I just posted ''Mommy'' on my blog, but, oh well, haha, can't erase it now!!!, just kidding). And I love my Grandma!!!.
And, happy birthday too everyone out there who's birthday is in January or Febuary...LOL. And, if my dad is reading the birthday part too mom!!!. Haha.
By The Way, I got a list of bloggers...kid bloggers, teen bloggers, I don't know...I was looking up some blogs the other day, and I found some pretty good ones!. I love one of my Email-Buddies, Jessica, blog, who is 17 or 18...but, she's probally 19 by now. But, she is AWESOME. And, I love Emmy's blog, aswell!. So, here are the lists (and Jessica's and Emmy's are somewere on here). Awesome blog!!!. This is Jessica's blog. I don't believe that this 5 year old is really a 5 year old, because, he writes very well. But, could be...or, his parents probally help him. I haven't read this yet, but, it sounds good :D. Hope you enjoy it!. This blog is about TECH!. Rock on!, Techzi blog!. LOL. - One of my favorote blogs!!!. She doesn't post much, anymore. Because, she sounds like a BUSY person.

Well, these are all the blogs I found for now!!!.
Bye everyone!.


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